Flexibility Balance Cardio and Strength Training

This past week and got to see how you function well-rested. But it’s a brand new week! So here’s a brand new topic! We’ve already covered two types of exercises:

Cardio and strength training. Previous weeks have even given you some tips on food swaps, what a balanced meal is, why sometimes you just want to eat everything, and also why sleep is so important to your health.

Today, we cover our last topic. To bring it full circle, what’s one of the first things you do in the morning after you wake up?  How about a big long stretch of your whole body? That’s right…today we’ll be focusing on stretching and, more specifically: flexibility and balance.⭐️

Woman stretching

So let’s get straight into the recommendations and benefits as well as what types of exercises count as flexibility and balance and how to do them.??

 First, let’s talk about the recommendations on stretching.  

Food Give You Energy

Currently it’s recommended to do some stretching exercises about 3 times a week.  

But how do you do that???  Well, there are a variety of ways.  You can just hold a position for about 30 seconds at a time, release, and repeat for a total of 60 seconds. This is called static stretching.⭐️

Or you can do some dynamic stretching that involves movement while you also stretch your muscles.

group exercise stretching

Now, what about types of exercises that count as flexibility and balance.  

If YOGA came to mind, then you’re right!! YOGA does give you the best of both worlds.  Not only are you using⭐️ your muscles and stretching through movements, BUT you are also holding certain positions (static) in both power poses and stretching poses.  Must love yoga! The good thing is that you don’t even need to enroll in a class.

You can find excellent yoga classes 0n youtube and do them from the comfort of your home! How do I know? I’ve used them!!??

Yoga Classes for Mental Health Another great exercise to balance is Tai Chi.

Exercise to Balance is Tai ChiThe slow, guided flow from each movement makes use of each of the muscles that help you with stability.  

More stable means fewer falls.  The older you get, the more critical these balance exercises become. Okay, so yoga and tai chi, but what are the benefits of doing these flexibility and balance exercises? Are you ready??

  1. Stretching and flexibility improve your range of motion.

This means that your joints can move the way they are supposed to.  Like a well-oiled car! You want proper motion so you can get the most use of your muscles.  For example:

If you were to trip over something and you’re pretty flexible, then your hip muscles have room to move to its extreme position and prevent a fall.. hopefully.  Now, if you are less flexible, think about trying to break your fall while your shoes are tied together.  You won’t be able to the wide-open step to prevent your fall because your range of motion is restricted.  The same is true of your arms and other body parts.

  1. It also improves your athletic performance!

Lets put it this way. Your muscles need to stretch a little, so it can use its full potential to move.  If you’re flexible, then you can use your entire range of motion, and your muscles can use their full potential too! This is great not only in sports but also in daily activities.  What exactly happens when you need to carry groceries to the car? Or move a few things around the house? Or bring your books from class to class. MUSCLE USE! Sports or not, it’s good for your strength and power.

  1. Decrease the risk of injury!

This is both in sports injuries and injuries in daily activities.  For example: If you’re playing a sport and your fall on one of your joints in a weird way.. if your bones are okay with that kind of stretch… no injury.

On the other hand, if you’re doing daily activities like going up and down stairs or moving boxes, or putting dishes away or making the bed.  Then being flexible is an excellent way to these activities without pain, without strain, and without injury. Why? Well, because you can bend that way! So its no biggie! But what if you’re trying to lift a heavy box? And your hips aren’t flexible enough to bend wide? Chances are you will raise the box with your back rather than your buttocks, and you guessed it… you “pulled your back.”  Now you’re laying there in pain, hoping someone will come and help.  How do I know this? Well… from experience, obviously!?

Like Rome, flexibility doesn’t come in a day! So what do you do? Like all other exercises.. start somewhere… and little by little, push for more.

Now there is no extra benefit from stretching to the point of pain, rather than to the end of discomfort.. so don’t aim for pain.. just feel uncomfortable, and you’ll benefit from the stretch.  I know.. Who wants to feel uncomfortable?  Oddly enough, it starts to feel good, and you find your body loves it!

A lot of people say “stretch before a work out”.. BUT.. you should WARM UP your muscles 1st before you go a stretch them. A mild time before a workout is okay, but don’t try to do a full stretch before you’re warmed up.⭐️

Think of your muscles as cheese.  I know, now I’m hungry too.  If I give you a piece of cheese straight from the fridge, you won’t be able to stretch it and pull it, right? Or maybe you will, but then you’ll just rip it apart and nom nom nom if you warm it up a bit. Like in a microwave.. you get all the stretch and melt you want without the rip! And then you can still nom nom nom!  training womanMuscles are the same, okay. You don’t wish to cheesy muscles. BUT you do want muscles that are warm enough to stretch and not be harmed.  So do some light warm-up before you exercise like jumping jacks, knee-ups, easy step, elliptical, etc. Get blood and heat to go there!!!! That’s what you want.

Once you’re warm, feel free to stretch if you’d like.  There is no recommendation on whether you should stretch before the workout or after.  Do both if it makes you happy! The bottom line, make sure you pull at least three times a week to keep your body functioning at its best!?

drink lots of water in order to be healthier


  1. Make sure to stretch both sides equally! Having equal flexibility prevents injury.. asymmetric flexibility may put you at risk of injury, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid hello!!!!
  1. Stretch the muscles and joints you use most… for example: If you run a lot or play football.. stretch your calves, your hamstrings, your ankle joints, knees, and hips. If you play basketball, do the same and also get those shoulders. If you play soccer.. stretch those legs, baby! Hamstrings are prone to injury, so give them some love. If you’re a yogi (meaning you do lots of yoga), get those wrists too! You get the idea!  stretching health by girl

If you don’t play any of those sports… stretch all those things anyway.. you learn to love the feeling of a good stretch! And you’ll use those joints, especially your hips, your knees, ankles, and shoulders.  So stretch them all!⭐️

  1. Don’t BOUNCE on the stretch. Why? Like I’ve said before… if not controlled… you can get hurt. Slow, steady stretches are the safest.

Last thing to mention: Stretching by woman

Evidence on the overall benefits of stretching is all over the place. Stretching before a race or big sports event can lower your strength and power. So it may be best not to stretch before these events, but rather afterward.?

Phew! Did it! A whole eight weeks of excellent info! But wait!! We’re not all the way done yet.. you didn’t think I’d forget about the last challenge yourself game did you?

Here’s your challenge… Now, Have any of you heard of the game TWISTER? It’s an enjoyable game… Now not many people have this at home anymore… it’s a bit of an older game. BUT you can make your own if you need to.

You can do it outside with chalk on the floor, and you can put colored post-its on the floor, you can make the game whichever way you can. Below are the instructions and pictures of the game.  The idea is to play TODAY! Then stretch your hips, shoulders, wrists, ankles, and knees after the game.  Stretch those same joints again at least three times before you play the game still.twister


  1. I used to be very happy to find this web-site.I needed to thanks on your time for this glorious read!! I definitely having fun with every little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  2. I’m going to have to try some of the things in this article. I’ve recently gotten back into running, but my hip flexors are sore literally all the time now. It’s been a week and still no letting up, so I’m searching out different ways of increasing the flexibility there so my body won’t rebel every time I try to run, lol.

    • lol lol ugh this used to happen a lot to me too! especially when I first started running again. Oddly enough, what helped me a lot was yoga. and doing stretches that target those muscles. Especially when my body was warm. Stretching when your body is cold isn’t great for you. Its okay, but when you’re warm you can go in deeper.

  3. I have been trying to do a stretching routine before bed every night. I feel that it helps me to relax and fall asleep better. I also find that I wake up feeling more flexible and ready for the day.

    • yes!!! I love stretching! especially in the morning too after I’ve been in bed for 6-8 hours. love that it jump starts my morning 🙂 so glad you enjoy stretching too!

  4. A great read, I had no idea that stretching has to offer so many benefits for our body. Earlier I’ve been following certain physical exercises which mainly focus on running and consuming extra calories. For me, the main goal to do these exercises is to stay fit and healthy. Now, the first thing on my to do list is to discuss Tai Chi with my gym instructor. With huge benefits, I think it is the best stretching exercise for young people. What’s your take on it?

    • I love this! Thank you so much for mentioning Tai Chi! I think it has great value to our health. There are huge benefits from it and it is even recommended for the elderly as well to help improve their strength and balance.

      I think I’ll write a blog post on Tai Chi itself, all thanks to your comment. Stay tuned!


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