un fact on this royal virus. Corona means crown in Spanish.

Huge hype right now, and people are kind of FREAKING OUT. But we need to CALM DOWN because being in a frenzy will not help anyone.  Sure this is what is going around right now, and yes, about 12,027 cases of Coronavirus have been identified worldwide with 259 deaths. BUT, the flu is responsible for 42,001 deaths this season alone, yet how many of you are running around like chicken’s without head to get your flu shot? Don’t all raise your hands at once now.✔️ So let’s get into a few details about this crowned virus, about the symptoms, how it may spread, how to protect yourself, and care for yourself.????

Need to know here, there are many different types of Coronaviruses.  Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause many types of respiratory diseases, including Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). BUT, although the current outbreak of Coronavirus is a relative of the one that causes SARS, it is different.  This current outbreak is caused by what the CDC calls a novel, aka NEW Coronavirus, which means it was just found.✔️

These viruses are usually transmitted amongst animals like camels, bats, and even cats. And although they often do not infect humans, clearly sometimes they do, and then it spreads among them.

This new Coronavirus has been called COV 19, and it can be tested for in those suspected of having the virus.????

               So how does it spread?

Since it’s a new virus, we don’t know much, but we suspect that it spreads similar to other respiratory infections, including MERS, SARS, and the flu.

  • Via respiratory droplets: A cough or a sneeze…and these droplets can reach 6ft.
  • We’re not sure if it can spread by touching surfaces like tablets, phones, keyboards, doors, etc.
  • We are also not sure if it can spread by touching anybody’s fluid-like tears, saliva, diarrhea, vomiting, urine, etc.

Based on this, below are recommendations to prevent the spread and keep yourselves Coronavirus free.????

Now let’s jump into symptoms, when to seek care, how long you might feel ill for, and what to do if you suspect you have it or are told you DO have it.


  • Very common to ALL other viruses
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

Symptoms can be minimal, to severe, and even deadly.✔️


2-14 days.


If you’ve recently been to the Wuhan Hubei Province in China or expose someone who recently traveled to or from there:

  • Call your doctor’s office ASAP and let them know of your suspected 2019-nCoV exposure before you walk in. Why? So they can prepare for your arrival and keep everyone else protected. AND Wear a face mask when you do go! Lots of newborns, children, elderly and immune-compromised people in waiting rooms.
  • Stay home, do not go to work, or use public transportation.
  • If you can, stay in a room different from other members of your family, and use a separate bathroom.
  • DISINFECT your countertops, tablets, cellphones, keyboards, TV controllers, tables, toilets, etc. Use EPA approved products or bleach.
  • DO NOT share bedsheets, drinking glasses, towels, etc. with other members of your home.
  • DO NOT touch your face, eyes, mouth, or nose.
  • Wash your hands x20 seconds with soap and water or with 60% alcohol hand sanitizer
  • Sneeze or cough into your SLEEVE

Most important: Whether you are the ill one, or the one caring for the ill one:

  • Monitor your symptoms x14 days, and if worsening…call your doctor.✔️
  • Fever? Check it 2x a day. Not better with Tylenol/Motrin…call your doctor✔️
  • If you start to feel short of breath, call your doctor.✔️
  • If you begin to feel better and suddenly call your doctor✔️

[See the trend? Put your doc on speed dial]


And the most common question: “I don’t get antibiotics?”

 Supportive care is the treatment of choice…what does that mean?

  • There is no specific antiviral that you can take like there is for the flu
  • And NO… you will not be given antibiotics because a virus is not treated with anti-BACTERIAL medicine. It will just lend itself to increased resistance to future bacterial infections. Meaning that you would need stronger antibiotics with more prominent side effects.
  • The only way you will be given an antibiotic is if you have a suspected bacterial infection.

All in all, the recommendations are quite similar to any other respiratory infection such as the flu or bronchitis, or pneumonia.

Here are a few tips to PREVENT getting sick!

  • Get 7-8hours of sleep.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and veggies for antioxidants and immune boosts.
  • I love turmeric shots, ginger shots, and apple cider vinegar if you can stomach it!
  • Zinc supplements
  • Hydration
  • Washing hands
  • VACCINATIONS: pneumococcal, flu, shingles

Hope this helps you

keep your apple above the weather!




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